Small Appliances

These small appliances will make your meal prepping a whole lot easier and faster!
Updated 4 years ago
The original meal prepping aid
George Foreman Family Steel Grill
The world's No.1 electric grill brand. Heats up quickly and cooks both sides at once to make meal prepping so much easier. Fats and liquids drip down into a tray to make cleanup simple - just wipe it down and stow away. It helps meal preppers grill food easily, quickly and without the mess.
Prevent rice cooking crime
Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker
Cook rice perfectly every time with a dedicated multifunctional rice cooker to help you prepare those delicious fluffy carbs. This also functions as a steamer for veggies and has extra options to cook cakes and porridge too. If you enjoy brown rice, it even has a function for cooking that too.
Must for avid smoothie lovers
NutriBullet 1200W Series Blender
Make tasty juices or icy cold smoothies in a flash. Far superior & quieter than 900W, the 1200W NutriBullet will blend the toughest ingredients effortlessly without making you deaf in the process.
Accurately weighs up to 10kg
Highly Accurate Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale
Know exactly what you are putting into your body with arguably the most important part of any meal prep to help you weigh every ingredient. Easily choose between four measurement units (grams, fluid ounces, pounds: ounces, and millilitres) ideal to follow any recipe. Much better quality than the cheaper models.
Make sauces, hummus and guac
Handheld Food Stick Blender & Mixer 800W Cordless
Great for on the go blending or mixing food that's simmering away on a stovetop vs moving everything into a full-size blender! The 800W motor ensures powerful blending for smooth results unlike smaller more underpowered units.
Cook up to 70% faster
Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Pressure Cooker
The biggest advantages of pressure cookers isn't how quickly and how well it cooks food (particularly tough cuts of meat) but the ability to walk away and leave it to do its thing. Unlike a pot on the stove, you don't have to keep checking it. Plus it will naturally release the pressure on its own and then keep the food warm if you get distracted doing something.