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Choosing Meal Preparation Providers
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Important information for providers

We started as a passion project back in 2016 by reviewing meal providers.

It wasn’t until early 2019 the current version of the site was launched to allow visitors to compare providers and show the most critical information.

We didn’t want to burden and corner providers with another platform to manage. So we created this site with automation and ease of use in mind.

While there will always be some information that requires manual input, here are some highlights on how our site operates to better help you manage your listing:


Stockists can be added by anyone. We reduce double ups by validating the stockists by name of registered businesses within Google:

Adding Stockists to


Provider Images

Images used as part of the site is drawn from providers Facebook page automatically every 24 hours, with the option of us displaying from a specific album to allow more control over the images shown:

Facebook Album



The reviews shown on our site is collected every 24hrs from the official Facebook page of each provider to make managing reviews easier for providers:

Facebook Reviews

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