User Reviews (3)

Ashley F.28 Feb 2020
3.5 /528 Feb 2020
Amazing customer service and the price is good for great ingredients. Nothing artificial etc. Taste is somewhat basic though. Also not sure how often they change up their meals in terms of variety
Rachel F.21 Jan 2020
2.3 /521 Jan 2020
I could only buy low fodmap and gluten free meals, I ordered a 20 meal pack and I only got multiples of 4 different meals, and some of them I didn't like and ended up throwing out. For me there wasn't enough variety, the meals didn't have enough flavour and one of them made me feel sick. Their ordering system and delivery was good, but I just wasn't a fan of the meals.
Laura S.14 Jan 2020
4.3 /514 Jan 2020
We love We Feed You! We started buying them when our daughter was born and now always make sure there are some meals in the freezer. We have our favourite meals that are delicious, although lately some of those have dropped off the menu - so I think the variety could be greater. They're not super cheap, especially compared to other supermarket options, but I think you get what you pay for in terms of quality.