User Reviews (3)

Carla S.27 Apr 2020
3.2 /527 Apr 2020
Fantastic customer service, ordering and delivery. Food was a bit bland when compared to other food delivery providers. Good variety of choices available each week and locally sourced produced. Nice to try but probably won’t order again.
Ainsleigh P.15 Apr 2020
4.3 /515 Apr 2020
Delicious food and impressive for a local company to compete price wise with a large company such as HelloFresh. Would order again in the future if pickup location was closer.
Tina E.05 Apr 2020
4.2 /505 Apr 2020
Great food, had to choose 3 meals a week out of a choice of 4 (vegan box). We found that we would choose 2 that we really liked but there was always 2 that we didn’t really like the sound of. Being pregnant also, its not recommended to reheat rice- the meals were sometimes quite big and we could save them for lunches- couldn’t do this for me with rice. The menu is very Asian inspired with a lot of Asian flavor. Sometimes it’s nice to have a larger variety. Packaging is amazing, they tell you what you can recycle and what they recycle- you place it back in the box and it’s collected upon your next delivery. Really easy recipes to cook- if I wasn’t as fussy it’s definitely a great meal box solution. The full menu looks amazing.