User Reviews (34)

Stephanie C.02 Jul 2020
3.2 /502 Jul 2020
I loved the convenience of going to the fridge and having a variety of food prepped and ready for the day. There was however an excessive amount of plastic/packaging most of which could not be recycled
Madison C.02 Jul 2020
3.8 /502 Jul 2020
Was amazing to be able to eat something different for every meal, super convenient and very easy to order! The produce was fresh and tasty. I love the ability to choose what meals I wanted and be able to take the meals to work with ease.
Meg H.02 Jul 2020
3.6 /502 Jul 2020
I really enjoy the variety I get to choose from. I wouldn't have a different meal every night if I were just cooking for myself. Unfortunately the packaging is very unsustainable and I do feel guilty. I do try to reuse and recycle as much as possible but there is too much plastic packaging that has to go into landfill.
Jess B.16 Jun 2020
3.5 /516 Jun 2020
Trudi C.23 May 2020
3.4 /523 May 2020
Very Convenient packaged in meals and days - lots of choice with meat, fish, veggie options - was ok taste - price was a bit on the high side - found I was very thirsty after
Alice R.28 Apr 2020
3.7 /528 Apr 2020
Plenty of food and the taste and quality was pretty good. The value was good too. I’m not sure I could eat prepackaged food everyday as it just really doesn’t have the same taste as freshly cooked meals.
Katelyn E.22 Apr 2020
4.2 /522 Apr 2020
Luke M.19 Apr 2020
4.5 /519 Apr 2020
I have used lite n easy on and off for years. Experimenting with other services too. Lite n easy has a massive range of products available to suite all tastes. The portion control is excellent as is customer service. Given the cost I would like to see lite n easy implement afterpay or humm payvti help facilitate bulk buying.
Maggie D.17 Apr 2020
4.5 /517 Apr 2020
The food and the service is amazing. I lost heaps of weight whilst on this. Then had to stop for awhile, through this pandemic, as I had to stock up on food for my partner and I paniced, in turn didn't have enough money in the budget for this. Then boom, boom, lost jobs... so just trying to stay on track until I can finish the food at home and get back on this program.
Nicole K.15 Apr 2020
3.4 /515 Apr 2020
Light and easy was very convenient and surprisingly fresh for mostly frozen meals. Packaging was more environmentally friendly than others i’ve tried. However, despite me choosing the lowest calorie intake option and sticking to the meal strictly i managed to put on weight - i think it had more to do with macro control and the daily desserts included (although they were delicious). Overall, a good variety and well-priced, just depends on your own goals :)
Bec B.12 Apr 2020
4.5 /512 Apr 2020
•fresh food •tasted great •helped me lose 30kg •convenient •when item was missing (&this only happened once in the year I was using it) - immediate refund •website easy to use •overall great service
Sarah M.29 Mar 2020
3.8 /529 Mar 2020
I tried Lite n Easy for a few weeks to see if I could lose some weight. I found it was good overall but stopped because the weight loss was slow and the cost was too high for me at that time.
Rebecca B.28 Mar 2020
4.2 /528 Mar 2020
Fresh, easy, convenient, tasty. An item was only ever missing once. When I rang they immediately discounted me. Helped me lose 20kg within a year. Would use again if needed.
Emma S.22 Mar 2020
3.7 /522 Mar 2020
Love the freshness of the meals but could do with a bit more variety when it comes to the dinner choices and a bit heavy on the pasta and carbs.
Zoe R.16 Mar 2020
3.6 /516 Mar 2020
I have found this service convenient and perfect to help me lose weight. The food it tasty and I feel satisfied after eating. I don't like the amount of packaging used.
Michaela H.14 Mar 2020
3.0 /514 Mar 2020
Great food, good variety but packing is terrible for theenvironment and a big factor in cancelling as well as the cost of delivery! Per person and not per address whoch double the delivery price if my husband and i do it.
Sonia H.13 Mar 2020
3.8 /513 Mar 2020
I lost over 40kg with lite n easy, I love them and their easy to access and prep meals, I just wish they had vegan/vegetarian options as well as their regular options. They are fresh and delicious though they use wayyyyy too much plastic in their packaging when I was with them. I wish they used less plastic in all of their packaging and their crate that they deliver the food into which is styrofoam. I still crave their meals from time to time and especially their cous cous salad which I’ve been dying to have for ages. Unfortunately as a pensioner I cannot afford their meals at the going rate even if I was to order just the fabulous ready meals. I would love to go back with them because I lost so much weight on it and I was enjoying food on it.
Jacinta L.11 Mar 2020
4.7 /511 Mar 2020
Chelsea H.02 Mar 2020
0.7 /502 Mar 2020
The meals were tiny and when microwaved they were soggy like they'd been soaked in water. They were far too expensive as well for the quality and the amount of food you got. The breakfasts were tiny. 1 slice of toast and 1 piece of fruit. Snacks were a rip off as well. I was so disappointed with it as it cost around $150 a week.
Sarah C.24 Feb 2020
4.3 /524 Feb 2020
I really love lite n easy. At the moment I just get the dinners and find it so convenient. I have a super busy schedule and never have time or energy to cook in the evenings so these are the perfect solution. I love that they go in the freezer so if I do go out for dinner or feel like cooking sometimes they don't go to waste. Also nice to know they are calorie and portion controlled. The one downside is there aren't many vegetarian options. I am trying to cut meat out of my diet completely and there just isn't much variety in their meat free options. Other than that I love it!
Leah R.22 Feb 2020
4.2 /522 Feb 2020
I loved having lite n easy when I was a single gal. I couldn’t see the sense in cooking a different meal every night as it didn’t fit my shift work lifestyle. And I loved having variety instead of cooking up a big batch of something and having to have the same thing every night. I also loved the portion controls and being able to lose weight easily.
Jenny P.17 Feb 2020
4.0 /517 Feb 2020
I really enjoyed the food, however the cost got to be too much, more than 3/4 of my weekly food budget so it just wasn’t sustainable. Plus I really didn’t like all the plastic wrappers that they used. Felt really wasteful.
Angela D.16 Feb 2020
3.5 /516 Feb 2020
I enjoyed their breakfasts and lunches but started to struggle with frozen dinners every night. Sometimes you want something fresh. Perhaps a salad option or options similar to lunch ones.
Jodie S.14 Feb 2020
2.9 /514 Feb 2020
The meals were okay, had quite a few options at first glance till you factor in my egg and dairy intolerance then options became quite limited it was an easy to use service and delivery was prompt but as a someone that strength trains there wasn’t enough protein
Anoushka P.12 Feb 2020
4.0 /512 Feb 2020
Straightforward and easy to order. Cost effective for me and my husband as well as calorie controlled for weight loss. Would probably like a little less plastic packaging is my only issue.