User Reviews (4)

Michelle S.02 Jul 2020
2.9 /502 Jul 2020
Very expensive plus I had to purchase fresh food like salads. It worked but had to stop early because I couldn't justify the cost again at just doing it myself.
Anna T.16 Apr 2020
3.4 /516 Apr 2020
I Liked the points system as it makes it simple and easy to keep track of your goals. I think they can improve on the taste. I understand that it can't possibly the tastiest but a bit more flavour would be nice.
Andrew L.31 Mar 2020
2.2 /531 Mar 2020
Emmeline A.31 Mar 2020
3.7 /531 Mar 2020
The consultations were amazing and certainly kept me on track. The flexibility of the program and the way that it worked to educate and get me making my own decisions around food and planning my own menus once I was confident to do so was great!