User Reviews (2)

Brooke B.16 Feb 2020
4.0 /516 Feb 2020
I chose them because I needed dairy free options and I needed affordable meals. They are portioned well and I loved their recycling choices. I chose to pick up my meals every Sunday and the two guys were always so nice. The only thing I would say to improve would be the variety. I took a few weeks off using them because I was sick of eating the same meals. When I came back a few weeks later, nothing had changed. I buy my favourites and that’s it. There is more options for non dairy free but my stomach can’t handle them.
Shannon S.05 Feb 2020
4.3 /505 Feb 2020
The meals are fresher and tastier than other meal prep services I have tried. Their meals actually left me satisfied in both portion and flavour. The option to pick meals up instead of having them delivered was very convenient because I live on a military base