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Claire E.16 Mar 2020
4.5 /516 Mar 2020
They have the most delicious meals and I love the fact that I just tell them what I donโ€™t want and they provide me with a variety of meals that suit me. I love that the meals taste like a home cooked meal full of love and flavour instead of tasting like mass produced food with little flavour.
Michelle G.05 Feb 2020
0.9 /505 Feb 2020
I learnt of this business when the owner mentioned it in a vegan Facebook page. The information on their website was quite vague in terms of what the meals consisted of (just that there was a VeganFit and LivingFit option), as were the delivery dates for certain areas. nThe site also said you could select dietary requirements including dairy free, however when I selected my LivingFit meals (which is the option of 1x 6 meals, 2x 6 meals etc, no actual individual choice it the meals you're getting) there was no diary free option. I emailed them to querying whether the LivingFit meals were all dairy free and they confirmed that yes they were. nAfter I placed my order there was no notification of when it would be delivered. Most companies provide a notification the day before and a confirmation text of email once it has been delivered so that you can ensure the food isn't left outside for too long. I came home from work one day to find a dirty Woolworths cold bag at my door with an ice pack and the meals packaged in Chinese containers. nEach meal stated how long it could be stored in the fridge and freezer and how long to reheat fridge stored meals but no instructions for reheating frozen meals. nOf the meals (mostly consisting of rice and beans) one was a beef lasagne which listed cheese as an ingredient. Given they'd already confirmed that the LivingFit meals were dairy free I assumed this must be vegan cheese, but thought I should double check. I emailed asking whether the beef lasagne meal contained vegan cheese or regular cheese and the response from the owner was that it is regular cheese and that 'obviously the vegan meals contain vegan cheese'. I replied stating that in my previous email (in the email trail attached to that email) she had advised me that LivingFit meals were all dairy free yet she has given me a meal that contained dairy. I never received a response. Luckily I checked first. And also luckily I'm only dairy intolerant and not allergic, so had I eaten the meal I just would've been violently ill for a day and not dead. Not only were the meals average at best, but offering dietary options and then not providing the correct food to suit these options is dangerous and negligent. And then to not even receive an apology or be offered a replacement for the incorrect meal is just plain poor service.