Aaron Curtis

Athlete and Personal Trainer
Professional bodybuilder and personal trainer that lives by progressive overload and consistent daily routines.
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Aaron Curtis

About Aaron Curtis

Aaron is a lifetime-natural athlete, personal trainer and a household name in bodybuilding amassing 300k+ strong followers on Facebook.

Personally he is a loving father, enjoys his football and shining example of what consistent training over 20 years looks like.

One meal. One training session. One full night’s sleep. None of these things, in isolation, will get you any noticeable gains. Do those things day-in, day-out, for 10 years though and you end up with a pretty decent physique.

Gaining notoriety in his earlier years of bodybuilding and one of the few who has been complimented on a great physique by internet legend Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian, Aaron doesn’t compare himself to others but instead strives to become a better version of himself everyday.

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